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Understanding Babies Today, Detecting Baby Pathologies Tomorrow

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

How many times young parents are overwhelmed with their newborn child? How many sleepless nights without knowing what your baby needs? Well, Zoundream, a Swiss start-up based in Basel developed a Baby Translator: a small hardware device with a unique software based on artificial intelligence (AI) capable of detecting newborns basic needs from the sound of their cries. Zoundream collaborates now with JenIoT and Europ Assistance, and HITS, to improve the AI and derive an insurance solution around BabyT.

It turns out that baby’s cry is the same across the world. Babies worldwide express the same five basic needs: hunger, sleepiness, stomach pain, need to burp, and discomfort. That is why Zoundream was able to understand those sounds and translate them into a device.

This year, the project has already achieved a proof-of-concept (POC) with employees from Generali Italy, Generali Switzerland, their friends and families, and other young parents who tested the Baby Translator (BabyT) with their babies. At the end of the POC, the participating young parents filled up a customer satisfaction survey which turned out with an incredible response and. The results were very positive, with an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of +34, which means the parents are very satisfied with the BabyT device.

“I like it because it gives me a hand in those moments when it seems that I did all I can for my baby (changed, fed, etc ...) and she's still crying” – Participating Parent

This device’s future goes beyond our imagination. The core of the project is to achieve the right technology to detect pathologies in an early stage rather than later. Today BabyT understands a baby’s needs when she/he cries, but tomorrow it will identify the pathologies of the newborn based solely on its cries; pathologies such as autism, asphyxia, hyperthyroidism and hearing impairment. This will be a huge milestone for Pediatric treatments and for every parent out there wanting to understand their child a bit better.

If you would like to know more about this amazing project, please visit Zoundream

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