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HITS needs you to understand new-borns

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

What if, we could know exactly what a baby wants when she cries? Well, for parents that are overwhelmed by the arrival of their crying new-born there is a solution:the Baby Translator!

Did you know that new-borns have a universal language? Crazy but true! Between 0-6 months, a baby’s cry is the same across the world, for instance Italian babies cry the same as Chinese ones, same as Kenyan ones. After 6 months, the local language begins to kick in and there are differences. But before that, babies express worldwide the same five basic needs: hunger, sleepiness, stomach pain, need to burp, and discomfort (e.g. wet nappies).

Get an idea how this devices works 👇

Zoundream, a Swiss start-up based in Basel, developed the Baby Translator: a small hardware device with a unique software based on artificial intelligence (AI). It is a later stage prototype and it works, but like all AI, it needs more data (i.e. baby cries) to train the acoustic model and be more accurate. This is why we need you!

Who wants to be part of the adventure?

You can help us further train the BabyTranslator, if you belong to the following category:


  • You are pregnant 

  • Your wife/partner is pregnant

  • A member of your family is pregnant

  • A friend of yours is pregnant


  • You have a 0-2 month old baby

  • A member of your family has a 0-2 month old baby

  • A friend of yours has a 0-2 month old baby


  • You are living in Europe, preferably in Switzerland, Italy, or Spain

If you fulfil the criteria above, and are interested, let’s get you registered.

Sign up👇


Dr. Samyr Mezzour

Chief Innovation Officer at HITS

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