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In January 2022, Generali Switzerland launched a live chat on their website called “Chatty”. This new solution offers customers another option for communicating with employees from the Customer Care Center.

The live chat was created as part of the CorpUp initiative with HITS – House of Insurtech Switzerland and the startup Enterprise Bot, located at the Innovation Garage in Adliswil at the Generali Switzerland Headquarters.

With the CorpUp methodology, HITS co-creates and scales customer-centric innovations. To achieve this, we count on a team of innovation professionals who are skilled and experienced in partnering with Startups and creating, together with them, prototypes of new products and business models. Chatty, is the first step to a live chat with employees of Generali Switzerland answering the questions of their customers. Later on, it will be introduced the chat bot that will respond with the help of AI.

It’s the second time Generali Switzerland uses a bot to accelerate customer processes, first came “Posty”, an email bot. Posty was launched in 2020 to facilitate the email response to Generali’s customers, also created by the CorpUp collaboration of HITS and Enterprise Bot. Now, the live chat “Chatty”, is an "MVP" (Minimal Viable Product). This means it’s a learning process on how to use the chat. But also, to gain experience of how customers react to it. With this information, Generali Switzerland can tailor future solutions even better to the needs of their customers.

About HITS

House of Insurtech Switzerland (HITS), focuses on building partnerships with startups to co-create and scale-up innovative services. HITS is a subsidiary of Generali Switzerland and is thus part of the Generali Group, one of the largest insurance companies in the world. HITS has operated as an independent limited company since December 2019. HITS is one of the Corp-Up Studios of Generali: an open innovation lab connecting insurance-related corporates and startups to co-create and scale-up innovative tried-and-true services.

About Enterprise Bot

Enterprise Bot is an enthusiastic and customer-centric AI company, creating next-generation conversational experience for customers to solve operational business issues. Their scalable conversational AI automation solution transforms customer and employee communications and thus boosts customer satisfaction. Available both in on-premise and cloud environments, Enterprise bot AI enables businesses to have omnichannel natural language conversations – email, webchat, voice, and mobile apps – with their users and in any language.

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