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Welcome Exciting New Companies to Our Innovation Garage!

We're thrilled to announce that in 2023 we had six new companies join our vibrant co-

working space, the Innovation Garage located at Generali Switzerland's headquarters in Adliswil. These innovative startups are pushing boundaries and breaking new ground in their respective industries, and we're proud to provide them with the space and resources they need to thrive.

The dynamic energy of our Innovation Garage space has been significantly enriched with

the exciting addition of these four trailblazing startups. Trihow, Emilian, PowerCodders, Board Owl, TransferChain, and Finfinder bring a diverse array of innovations and expertise, representing the forefront of technology, insurtech, social impact, advisory services, data security, and financial matchmaking.

Let's take a look at what they do!

First up, we have Trihow a tech startup that specializes in holistic and human-friendly solutions in the hybrid space. They take you into a new analog and digital world from the transformation process to software development and on-site installation. Their concept has been validated by Silicon Valley.

Next, we have Emilian, a game-changing platform that empowers insurers and brokers to streamline the underwriting process for complex and SME insurance, resulting in convenient broker UX and more profitable small businesses through automated quoting, referral, and binding at the point of sales across multiple digital channels.

Also, we have PowerCodders. A nonprofit organization that aims to increase diversity in the IT job market by providing training and support to refugees and migrants.

BoardOwl is a digital matching platform and community for advisory and supervisory board positions. They support companies looking to succeed by leveraging a powerful board, and individuals looking to share their expertise in board roles. In addition, they provide education and events on board-related topics as well as networking opportunities.

Now you can say hello to TransferChain, in an era where data security and privacy are paramount, TransferChain is the go-to solution for businesses seeking peace of mind. They're putting an end to costly data breaches while strengthening customer trust through robust security measures.

Last but certainly not least, we have Finfinder, a Swiss-based matchmaking platform for financial advisors. In just a few clicks, users can enter their situation and needs and receive an independent selection of pre-screened financial advisors. Overall, Finfinder aims to improve the financial health of Switzerland by providing easy access to professional financial advice.

The future is now, and together with these startups, we are not just witnessing change; we are actively shaping it. Here's to a future of corp-up, innovation, and success!

If you want to know more about our offer for startups at our Innovation Garage, take a look at the article brilliantly written by Startupticker here

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