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LINGS the lifesaver of Photographers and Bikers

LINGS has become a dream come true for photographers and bikers. Not only have they created, and On-Demand insurance specialised for them, but they went above and beyond to build a community around it. A community of great talented people whose passion is either photography, bikes… or even better, both!

Today, LINGS is the 1st European community based on-demand insurance, founded in November 2017 as the first corporate startup of Generali Switzerland. It relies on a highly flexible product configurator and client management engine (salesforce), which allows the photographers and bikers to insure their beloved equipment for the specific time they will use it. With their unique service, LINGS has expanded the product set to travellers in partnership with a health insurer ökk and is now scaled up internationally into 2 major European countries.

Their success story is something we hold very close to our hearts, they’ve managed to reached over 4000 customers and won a spot in the top six on EFMA and first place at the ITC + DIA World Tour in Switzerland securing a spot at the DIA Prime Time Conference that is live at the moment.

This is a huge accomplishment for LINGS as a young startup making their own way into the insurtech world. We cannot wait to see their continuous growth with the up coming years.

If you would like to know more about LINGS, please visit their website or give them a shout at they will be more than happy to talk to you!

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