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Interview Stefano Bison & Oliver Werneyer - Voice of FinTech Podcast sponsored by HITS

In this episode we talk about the corp-up approach in the insurance sector, an interview with Stefano Bison, Group Head of Business Development & Partnerships at Generali and Board Member of HITS and Oliver Werneyer, CEO and Co-founder of Imburse.

We are happy to sponsor a podcast series of Voice of FinTech produced by Rudolf Falat. 👇

This message was kindly narrated by Gabriella Trujillo from HITS. Gabriella will be our new "Voice of HITS." She will complement the HITS team with her awesome video making skills & her broad know how in the area of communication.

In this podcast you find out:

👉 How Stefano's passion for the start-ups outside of work serves him well in his role

👉 Oliver's entrepreneurship roots from the age of 16 when he started buying and selling computer games and his passion for his current venture

👉 Generali's overall approach to partnerships, especially with start-ups

👉 How close the connection between Generali's current business and the start up's focus they require to engage and why

👉 How do both a corporate and a start-up measure success in a corp-up setting

👉 How Imburse pivoted to their current B2B instant payment business, a capability that Generali needed 

👉 Why Imburse picked Generali Innovation Garage (now HITS) as a partner

👉 Innovation trends in the insurance sector and the acceleration of digital transformation by COVID-19

👉 Next steps for both Generali and IMBurse this year

Honestly, the most innovative propositions and capabilities are found in startups and not big companies. - Stefano Bison

🎧 Start listening now 👇

We are looking for corporates to build a product that works, we want to build a technology people are willing to buy and pay for it. - Oliver Werneyer.
HITS was born specifically to boost our CorpUp efforts and increasing the intensity of relationships with startups. - Stefano Bison



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