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Insurtech Map Took 2021 by Storm

Time to wrap up the year and with it, the final release of the Interactive Insurtech Map for this year.

The InsurTech Map launched in March 2021, with 100+ featured startups from all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. An initiative by House of InsurTech Switzerland (HITS), F10, and Kickstart.

This interactive InsurTech Map has been a place to highlight startups entries and relevant innovative solutions. Thanks to its data visualization, the map gives an opportunity to explore the InsurTech startup market with an organized view. Arranging the startups into a value chain, line of business areas, and technology based on academic research.

Following its launch, the map kept growing with new startups added to the ecosystem every quarter and spotlighting these companies that, in a way, improve the industry. So, there was no shock when we realized that some of the startups on the Insurtech Map were also highlighted on the Top 100 Insurtech and report by Sonr and Insurtech Insights. The report a is compilation of the leading startups, scaleups and innovators driving change across insurance.

The highlighted startups on the DACH region in Sonr’s watchlist are:

Wefox Group

Within less than a year of its launch, the Insurtech Map, has consolidated with 204 startups featured for the DACH region and we are now ready to start exploring ways to create value for the startups in the map and our sponsors by engaging and further connecting with the InsurTech ecosystem together with our partners in crime: Kickstart and F10.

We invite you to visit the Insurtech Map today and discover all the 204 startups that are live on the map and stay tuned for next year’s updates!

This initiative has been kindly co-sponsored by Generali Switzerland, Generali, Swiss Life Labs, and InnoPeaks.

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