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Corp-Up is Here to Stay

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

As 2021 comes to an end, we would like to take a look at a successful year where the Corp-Up approach is more valid than ever.

At HITS, we co-create and scale customer-centric innovations through Corp-Up. In order to achieve this, we count on a team of innovation professionals who are skilled and experienced in partnering with Startups and creating, together with them, prototypes of new products and business models.

Our shared office space, affectionately known as "The Innovation Garage", is a 600m2 Corp-Up Studio within the Generali premises, where we welcome startups and Generali employees. Today, we host 19 start-ups, each with 5 to 40 employees, working on digital solutions that could revolutionize the insurance industry focused only on customer needs.

Working with startups in a CorpUp mode allows better and more promising collaboration, as an intermediary body, indeed at HITS, we have ascertained that PoCs with startups have a much higher probability of being adopted/tested by a Business Unit as opposed to direct contact between startups and Business Units (for reasons of company culture, startups approach, and expectations, methodology, business priorities, etc.).

“Corporates and startups must join forces to bring the sector for the good into the future”. Pietro Carnevale – HITS CEO

After two years of being founded, HITS has a network of more than 200 startups to partner and collaborate with. 15 of them have started already having business collaborations. Including working with ten Business Units in six countries.

Our main focus is and will continue to be, accelerating today's digital transformation and helping to shape and be prepared for tomorrow.

If you would like to know more about the Corp-Up approach, visit us here and learn how our process works!

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